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Love me tender

There is a vegan food revolution sweeping the world and I’m making sure I have a front row seat.

Fry’s Vegetarian have already established themselves as one of the world’s finest vegan food companies in the world. The South African-based, family-owned business produces absolutely stunning vegan meats that are peerless. Readers of this blog will be familiar with my love of Fry’s and my recent story about their stunning new vegan popcorn chicken.

Now the vegan wonder company are taking the good eating thing to another level with the unveiling of their brand new Louisiana Tenders. Seriously, you must check these beauties out.

Louisiana Tenders by Fry's

These succulent, faux chicken tenders are beyond irresistible. As the box states, the natural vegetable protein is coated in a crunchy coating before being flavoured with spices. They cook perfectly in a conventional oven and taste delicious served with a dollop of vegan mayo.

Tenders with vegan mayo

These tenders are set to be permanently etched onto my grocery shopping list once they are officially released in the UK during January 2012. UK distributor Beanie’s Bunch are making sure the products are as widespread as possible to ensure everyone can enjoy the delicious new products making their way to our shores.

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