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Vegan Thanksgiving in London

I’m not a huge fan of traditions, especially when many traditions are inextricably linked to the subjugation and death of animals. Christmas and other various traditional celebrations often culminate in humans feasting on the flesh of non-human animals. There is no wondering why I usually walk a different path.

But something exciting is happening in London this month that is allowing me (and other vegans) an insight into what a celebratory feast is like. Vegan food creator The Vegan Ronin is planning a showstopping Thanksgiving feast without hurting anyone. Check out her food plans below.

For a reasonable donation of £25, you can get up close and personal with some exquisite-sounding delicacies. The Vegan Ronin has plans for potatoes, gravy, seitan drumsticks, sweet potato bake, pumpkin pie, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pecan pie and pumpkin ice cream. Sounds good, right? There is even talk of a cheese ball dependent on ingredient availability.

The afternoon event is taking place in North London on Saturday November 26, 2011. Space is extremely limited so I would suggest you get hold of The Vegan Ronin and book your seat at the cruelty-free feast now. Click here for more details and booking.

If you need further incentive to eat with The Vegan Ronin, check out these photos below of some of the delicious food she has prepared for past London Vegan Potlucks. Even if you are like me and opt out of celebrations, why not treat yourself to a gourmet vegan meal and support a fabulous compassionate cook.

Vegan seitan by the slice

Chai truffles

Banana split truffles

Fakin' bacon chocolate bites

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