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I want to see your grill

What the world (and this FGV) deserves is vegan fast food. People need to be able to access cruelty-free comfort food on a grand scale. I like to think it is just a matter of time until a global-reaching fast food chain takes on the cruel and unhealthy giants of conveyor belt eating. I also have a hunch it could very well be Veggie Grill.

This chain of plant-based restaurants is remarkable not just for the delicious food served, but also how mainstream and accessible it all is. Locations are dotted around Southern California in strip malls, plazas and markets. The interior is low key and tasteful while the staff offer the kind of service you would expect from a polished, speedy turn-around fast food joint.

Veggie Grill is always on my to do list when I visit Los Angeles and I made sure I stayed true to this pattern during my last vacation. My meal at the Veggie Grill in the Los Angeles Farmers Market was superb. Let’s run through my order:

I kicked off proceedings with a chilled cup of gorgeous strawberry lemonade. I would be entirely law-abiding if world governments passed legislation to make daily consumption of this beverage mandatory. My food started flowing with a bowl of hot kale topped with a delicious ginger and miso dressing. Kale never tasted so good.

Strawberry lemonade

Ginger/miso kale

Following my greens, I tucked into one of the finest bowls of vegan mac and cheese I have ever experienced. This delicacy was superbly crafted and topped with garlic bread crumbs. Not to be deterred by my full belly, I pushed myself to consume a serving of BBQ ‘wings’. These vegan tenders were gloriously coated in a spicy sauce and accompanied by some much-appreciated celery sticks and ranch dipping sauce.

Mac & cheese

Chill Out Wings at Veggie Grill

With 7 locations already keeping Californians well fed in a healthy and ethical manner, news of the Veggie Grill expansion is being very keenly greeted. The company has broken ground on a Portland location and are apparently looking to take their brand of wholesome eating into neighboring south west states and beyond.

It shouldn’t be too long until there is a Veggie Grill in every town in the USA. I’ll continue to visit whenever possible to get my fill and will also keep my chubby eyes peeled for the inevitable world domination to reach the UK.

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  1. I am fortunate to live a couple of miles from a Veggie Grill. You are right; they are awesome. Next time you are in southern California you should also visit Real Food Daily and Native Foods Cafe. In fact, Veggie Grill is owned by a former chef from Native Foods.

    • Oh yes. I know Native Foods extremely well. I have eaten with them multiple times. I have tried RFD twice but wasn’t blown away either occasions.

  2. Very Cool….Waiting for it to hit the Bible Belt!

  3. We need Veggie Grill in South Dakota!! Come save us!!!

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