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Cheesy beefy bagel glory

Is there a more pleasing bread product than a bagel? You can’t go wrong with something chewy, doughy and simple that can be held in one hand.

During my first visit to New York City many years ago, I was staggered by the huge range of bagels on offer. No matter the neighbourhood, there were stores and bakeries everywhere I turned baking and selling bagels. Unfortunately for FGV me, many establishments weren’t forward about their ingredients and I wasn’t familiar with bagels enough to know what was vegan or why they might not be animal-product free. Growing up in suburban Australia meant I existed in a bagel-free zone during my formative years. My bagel-curious nature is only now being satisfied thanks to a fabulous company here in the UK.

Bagels in my shopping basket

The New York Bakery Co couldn’t be situated in a more non-New York location. This bagel factory churns out the round, doughy goodness from their South Yorkshire factory in Rotherham. A multitude of plain and flavoured bagels flow from their conveyor belt a few miles outside of Sheffield. Bagel aficionados can choose between Cinnamon & Raisin, Plain, Sesame, Wholemeal, Multi-seed and Onion.  Every flavour is labeled as suitable for a vegan diet and I have spied them for purchase in most high street stores and major supermarkets.

A bagel made my life better today

The New York Bakery Co inspired me to name today as official bagel day for the Haus of FGV as I set about crafting a delicious snack. First stage meant toasting a springy multi-seed bagel to golden perfection. Once crisp, I smoothed on a spreading of Pure Sunflower margarine and filled the bagel with a slice of Tofutti Mozzarella and two pieces of Cheatin’ Beef by Redwood. The finished result looked so delectable and mouthwatering it almost didn’t hang around long enough to be photographed.

I was able to exhibit some willpower and you can now view for yourself how perfect my bagel snack looked. Rest assured bagel-curious amongst you, it tasted as good as it looked. Now if someone could just hook me up with a fab bagel place in NYC, I would be delighted.

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