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Vegan pies for Xmas delivery

You all know about Young Vegans, right?

Young Vegans have made a name for themselves by making and serving delicious vegan pies (followed up by delicious vegan pizzas).

Their pastry creations are decadent and mouthwatering. They used to trade at Hackney Downs Vegan Market regularly and their own pie shop in Camden.

Time marches on and neither of those locations are with us, but Young Vegans are still going strong with their pies via a takeaway counter inside Planet Organic on Tottenham Court Road and their online shop for home delivery.

It is the online shop I’m here to tell you about today, especially the Xmas delights you can order right now for Christmas delivery.

Take a look at this Christmas pie. So stunning.

Santa’s Little Gobbler Christmas Pie is everything you need for a festive dinner, but inside a pie crust!

Back for the 5th year running, the pie features handmade vegan turkey goujons with stuffing, buttered leeks in a creamy white sauce, and cranberry sauce all inside the buttery pastry.

Once you’ve finished the main course, you are gonna need a mince pie.

Each handmade pie is filled with a traditional inspired mincemeat (currants, raisins, sultanas, ginger, and apple) and laced with Amaretto.

These mince pies are available in a six pack.

If you place your order by December 20, Young Vegans are going to make sure you get your delivery by Christmas Day.

Click here to browse the online shop and get ordering. There are so many tasty treats in the Young Vegans online store including frozen pies, pizza, cheese, and sweets. You can also follow Young Vegans on Instagram.

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