Back from the brink

If you come around these parts of the Internet looking for vegan food news but have been finding it all a bit quiet lately, I have a pretty solid excuse.

I have been dealing with COVID… and it has been a massive struggle.

A few weeks back, my husband developed COVID symptoms and I did my my best to look after him and maintain isolation from the outside world. He was ill, but nowhere near the worst I had heard of or seen amongst my friends. I stayed in the other room, delivered him food, and kept the windows open wide for cleansing breezes.

But three days into his COVID, my test came back positive and my symptoms started.

I don’t really want to go into what came next in too much detail because I’m still processing, but I took bad turn. Thankfully my husband recovered quickly, but my health took a nose dive.

After 11 days of at homes symptoms, my oxygen levels were lower than where they should be and I was unwell. Sweating. Couldn’t eat. Couldn’t sleep.

After a few phone calls, an ambulance made its way to my place and spirited me off to the hospital where I stayed for the next 5 days.

I will never forget the care and professionalism with which I was was treated by the NHS staff during my stay. I was scared and in pain, but never for a second did I feel as though I didn’t matter.

Patients on the ward improved. Some deteriorated. I saw oxygen levels plummet in real time before my eyes. I heard people crying. I saw people go from thinking they were about to be released to being taken to ICU.

I have been home again now for two nights and I am slowly recovering.

I know that not only did my double vaccination save my life, it also made the job faced by the NHS workers just a little bit easier.

Workers on my ward told me how they haven’t been able to look on their colleagues’ faces for a year and a half due to critical PPE attire. They have been stressed and overworked and alone.

They talked to me about how upsetting it is when they see members of the public laughing about wearing masks or refusing vaccinations. One young worker said he believes COVID will never go away and we must learn to manage our lives around it.

I feel grateful to be home but I have to be honest and say I am emotionally not OK. Not only am I dealing with the trauma of being hospitalised and seeing fellow patients struggle for life, I have been fundamentally challenged by the relentless conditions foisted upon our NHS workers.

Please get vaccinated and do everything you can to encourage your friends and family to get vaccinated. Wear masks when you can in crowded settings.

Use your voice and privilege to stand up for the NHS. Fight for fair wages and working conditions. Stop voting for politicians who are not focussed on saving our NHS.

FGV is slowly making a comeback, but it is only with the support of healthcare professionals. I am eternally grateful.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. I am so glad you are improving even if it’s a slow go at this point. I am grateful to all the people at your hospital who cared for you, and I am grateful for the NHS.

    I live in Canada where we have our version of the NHS and I know how hard our nurses and drs work. There is always some opportunistic politician here who thinks we should have a private system like in the United States but most Canadians wouldn’t stand for that: we see our public health care as a sacred trust.

  2. So sorry to hear how unwell you’ve been & relieved that you’re making a good recovery now. We are so lucky to have the NHS. I’ve been horrified to see the abuse levelled at healthworkers by those who claim this is all a hoax etc. I wish we had a decent Government who would act decisively & fairly to protect all frontline workers and provide proper co-ordinated public health messaging to ensure masks are used & vaccines are taken up as much as possible, instead of the mess of leaving it all optional now. Take care & stay safe everyone.

  3. So glad you are on the road to recovery, what a horrible time you have had. The NHS are fantastic. Take care.

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