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Vegan store celebrates one year

Imagine opening a vegan store and then the world economy… well, the entire world itself, goes into shutdown.

Iwtopia in Wales did just that and they are still here to tell the tale.

They are survivors.

Sue from Iwtopia reached out to me from her independent business in Aberystwyth to let me know they are still hanging in there. I was so bowled over, I just had to share with you all.

Iwtopia is a vegan shop and deli, meaning you can stock up on all your essentials AND treat yourself to some gorgeous-looking vegan treats.

Head on over to the Iwtopia Instagram account to see photos of all the fab stuff Sue and the team are serving up.

If Facebook is more your speed, be sure to follow the shop to stay updated and be inspired.

If Aberystwyth is home for you (or nearby), you can even shop online for delivery. Head on over to the Iwtopia website to find out opening times and delivery details.

You can see the exact location of Iwtopia thanks to Google Maps.

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