Vegan cheeseburger pizza for UK delivery

Imagine ten years ago someone telling you it was possible to order frozen gourmet vegan pizzas for home delivery and that you had a huge range from which to choose.

It would have seemed laughable (and desirable).

Well, guess what?

One Planet Pizza are the future and they have all the pizzas for your taste buds and can ship directly to you, including this cheeseburger variety!

Other flavours to be excited about include:

  • Chick’n & Sweetcorn
  • Meatless Feast
  • Three Cheezly Margherita
  • Funghi Feast
  • Spicy Mexicana® Melt
  • Masala Tempehtation (limited edition)

You can order all of the pizzas from the One Planet Pizza online shop, where you can even set up a monthly rolling order to ensure you will never run out of pizza again with their UK delivery option.

Yay for vegan pizza!

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