Vegan things I was gifted this week

There have been quite a number of PR gifts and free samples sent to me over the past few weeks, so I thought I would share some of the highlights with you.

Click through to each of the Instagram posts if you wanna discover more information or follow the brands.

This first item is a unique one in the bunch. It is a vodka and coffee martini drink featuring CBD!

Serve chilled over ice if you are old enough to drink.

New vegan chocolate brand!

Dirty Cow bars are packed solid with delicious ingredients, including bourbon biscuits and cinder toffee.


Sounds kinda rude but the drinks are all about nutritious ingredients and tasty flavours. Big bottles, too.

You REALLY HAVE TO click through to the Instagram post of these cinnamon buns to see the additional photos.

Cinnamon Square bake these vegan square cinnamon buns and ship them around the UK.

Vegan Green Bee is a new online store for eco-friendly and vegan products.

Amongst other items, they sent me this fab beard oil and comb.

My final share of the week is this GORGEOUS box of chocolates from Love Raw. Sensational products. Truly.

Hope you enjoyed this little overview of my recent freebies haul.

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