Vegan pretzel thins

I’ve been getting a whole bunch of products sent to me by PR people and businesses lately.

Obviously I love getting the free stuff, but I really enjoying sharing news of new vegan products with you all and if they can give me a discount code to share with you, all the better!

Last week I received this fab delivery from Olly’s Pretzels.

Olly’s are now selling these tasty pretzel thins and you can grab them in either Salted Original or Multi-Seed Sesame.

I’m not 100% sure why they are thin but they are bizarrely enjoyable and fun to eat because of it. Truly great flavour, too.

If you use the code SOPRETZ over on the Olly’s web shop, you will enjoy a 20% discount if you want to order for yourself.

You can follow Olly’s on Instagram.

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