FINAL Vegan Quarantine: Day 100

Welcome to THE FINAL Vegan Quarantine: Day 100.

This daily video series was designed to keep spirits high within the vegan community while also supporting independent business, charities, and musicians.

Thank you so much for joining me EVERY DAY for more than three months. It has been an incredible pleasure to help support my community and amplify voices.

But now I am leaving Mexico City tomorrow and relocating back to the UK.

If you have enjoyed these daily videos and/or think they have been valuable, I would greatly appreciate any and all donations to my paypal account:

Check if your alcohol is vegan friendly with Barnivore: Vegan-Friendly Booze Guide:

Please donate money to the Justice for David Dungay Junior campaign fund:

Buy the music of Colour Me Wednesday, a fab indie band from London packed solid with vegans:

You can follow all my food adventures, including what’s coming up as I relocate to Sheffield, on my Instagram account:

If you live in the UK and would like to order a copy of my book, it would be fab if you could order via Hive:

If you live outside of the UK, you can order my book via Amazon:…/184899351X

Once again, you can donate to my Paypal account as a show of appreciation for these 100 days of videos and to help with my relocation expenses:

Thank you so much for joining me across this MAMMOTH video series. I almost can’t believe I made it to day 100.

I’ve appreciated your company every step of the way.

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