Vegan Quarantine: Day 38

Welcome to Vegan Quarantine: Day 38. This daily video series is my way of keeping spirits high within the vegan community while also supporting independent business, charities, and musicians.

Links for everything discussed are included below.

Thank you to everyone donating money to help keep this video series alive. If you can afford to donate, please do so here:

I had a BIG video chat with my buddy Ryan of T.O.F.U. Magazine. Watch the full thing online here:

Covid-19 One Voice for Animals UK Appeal is a central place to support wildlife and domestic animal rescue centres and campaigns. Follow on Facebook:

The Allotment Club in Okehampton is delivering vegan food around nearby villages and Exeter. Read more and order via Facebook:

crazy bean café has a new YouTube channel. Recipe online is for vegan caramel sponge cake:

My mate Helen is raising money to donate to vegan food banks. Donate here:

S+M Vegan is a food company in the Oakland area of California doing pick up orders every Friday. Follow them on Instagram for details:

What The Pitta vegan food chain in London and Brighton is in survival mode and needs your help. Pre-order food for the future and also donate for great t-shirt and tote bag rewards:

Music recommendation of the day. Stakker Humanoid. Enjoy this classic acid house track from 1988:

Once again, I appreciate any donation you can make to help keep me housed and fed during the global crisis:

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