Vegan Quarantine: Day 19

Hi all.

Welcome to Vegan Quarantine: Day 19. This daily video series is my way of keeping spirits high in the vegan community while also supporting independent vegan business, charities, and musicians.

All links of things mentioned are below.

Read this great piece by Frankie Boyle on how things can’t go back to normal after this crisis:

The Little Vegan Cookie Co. is selling vegan cookie recipes to raise funds for WHO Solidarity Response Fund. Buy them:

Donate directly to the Solidarity Response Fund here:

Get great vegan recipes from the Essential Vegan Cafe website:

TheVeganKind Supermarket is overwhelmed. Follow them on Instagram and get the link via their bio:

Try ordering from Vegan Store UK. They have international delivery options:

Read Vegan Life Magazine for FREE online:

Music recommendation of the day. Walls Come Tumbling Down! by The Style Council:

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