Vegan Easter eggs for online order

You all know about Moo Free Chocolates.

This dairy free chocolate company makes the best vegan chocolate on the planet and you can order it online for UK delivery.

The company has shared news that it might become difficult to locate their products in coming weeks due to the major supermarkets cutting down on non-essential stock refills.

Of course the joke I need to make here is that vegan chocolate is essential!

The entire range of vegan chocolates, including their incredible vegan Easter eggs, are online for you to buy directly.

I need to make special mention of the White Strawberry Hamster. How good does this sound?!

All of their regular chocolate bars are available plus a gorgeous Easter pack featuring eggs and bars.

Did I mention there is free shipping for all orders over £10? How easy is it to spend £10 on chocolates?!

Click here to start shopping now and follow Moo Free on Instagram.

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