Award winning vegan food in Jacksonville

Have you seen this incredible vegan comfort food spot in Jacksonville, Florida?

Murray Hillbilly is a much-loved independent vegan restaurant in the Murray Hill neighbourhood of Jacksonville, a city that sits about 5-hours drive time north of Miami.

I don’t know a lot about Jacksonville, except that the major sports team is called the Jaguars and I only know that fact because it was mentioned many times by a character on drama/comedy series The Good Place.

However, I am starting to get a lot more interested in Jacksonville thanks to the food photos coming out from Murray Hillbilly.

This multi-award winning restaurant opened in late 2017 and has since built up a huge number of loyal locals who can’t get enough of their cuisine.

Check out some photos below:

My friend Steven and his husband Nate live in Jacksonville and can’t say enough great things about this place. In particular, they rave about the weekend brunch.

I need to visit soon. For food and friends.

You can see the exact location of Murray Hillbilly online thanks to Google Maps. You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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