UK vegan shoe company launches clothing range

Will’s Vegan Store has long been the go to place online for compassionate shoppers looking for friendly footwear.

Will Green has amassed a huge and loyal clientele thanks to his on trend styles and ethical approach to production.

But it’s not just shoes and boots flying off the shelves at Will’s warehouse.

The UK company has launched a selection of eco-friendly and vegan clothing.

This is what Will has to say about their recycled cotton garments:

We have chosen to use recycled cotton because it has less impact on the environment vs new cotton, including organic. Recycled cotton does not need to be grown which means it saves on water, energy, fertiliser, pesticide (for non organic cotton) and co2 emissions from its farming & transport. Our recycled cotton is created with pre dyed off cuts from the textile industry. On average each garment in the collection has saved 33 litres of water and 2.6kw electricity because it has not been dyed. It has also helped reduce the waste disposal of these offcuts which are usually incinerated.

Will’s Vegan Store proudly states that everything they make and do is certified Carbon Neutral.

There is no packaging waste, as they only use biodegradable plastic free packaging from the paper bags to the paper tape they use to seal them.

Click here to visit the Will’s Vegan Store website and check out all the clothing and footwear. There is a lot to see!

You can also follow Will’s on Instagram.

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