Vegan snack bars for the UK

Eat Natural are those snack bars that vegans always get harassed by in supermarkets.

You know when you are looking for something quick and easy to grab when you are at the checkout or running out the door quickly? Eat Natural bars are ALWAYS there, in every store.

If you are anything like me, your brain gets excited for a millisecond before you remember that they contain honey.

It’s not the worst thing to happen to humanity, but it is a little bit annoying.

Eat Natural must have gotten tired of vegans like me complaining (nagging works!) because they have now released three products suitable for vegans and one of them is even called Simply Vegan.

The new products include:

  • Simply Vegan – a gorgeously coconut-ty bar with a lovely swoosh of proper dark chocolate underneath, packed with nuts and dried fruit
  • Maple syrup, pecan and peanut bar – part of their ‘bars with benefits’ range. It carries extra protein thanks to all the nuts and seeds
  • Low Sugar Granola – a stunning granola made with coconut blossom nectar

I would recommend a store in which to look for these however I do believe they are sold almost everywhere in the UK.

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