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Esme of London Afro Vegan and Deserted Cactus fame is putting on an amazing community event focussed on vegans of colour in the UK and she needs our help to make sure it runs smoothly.

Any event in London is sure to face financial obstacles and the UK Vegans of Colour event taking place in Peckham on October 5 and 6, 2019 is no exception.

Esme has created this historical, first time event to bring together the most talented and diverse showcase of designers, activists, crafters, artists, and culinary creatives.

The two-day event will feature workshops, discussions, demos, and talks.

Sessions include:

  • Parenting whilst vegan discussion
  • Black History talk
  • Intersectionality panel
  • Womens health
  • Multiple cooking demos

There will be vegan food traders serving up mouthwatering cuisine, as well as vendors selling crafts, candles, and clothing. Make sure you check out the designated area for children if you have young people in your life!

The UK Vegans of Colour event is welcoming to all vegans and vegan-curious people, however it is firstly a safe space created to celebrate and elevate the voices, experiences, and knowledge of vegans of colour.

This crucial event is looking for your support. Your donation will help Esme put on the best community collaboration possible while ensuring she is not out of pocket herself.

Every single pound raised will go directly to the logistical and organisational needs of UK Vegans of Colour. Costs include venue expenses, promotions, travel, and infrastructure.

By supporting UK Vegans of Colour financially, you are helping Esme and her guests resist oppressive forces that silence and minimise their voices within the vegan scene and broader society.

Donate now and share this campaign. We are aiming for £1,000 so we just need 1,000 kind people to send £1 our way. Or one rich person to send us £1,000. Or 100 middle class vegans to give £10 each. Geez, you get the idea. Give what you can!

You can also support the event by attending the event. Book tickets to UK Vegans of Colour online here

Read more about the UK Vegans of Colour lineup online here

Follow UK Vegans of Colour on Instagram

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