Vegan pop up grocery store in Colchester

Colchester. You have a super fabulous vegan pop up shop.

Get involved!

Vool is the brainchild of my buddy Annastasia who started the project in November 2017 after realising rates were too high to open a vegan shop in Colchester.

Annastasia wanted to make it easier for vegans and the vegan-curious to access those harder to find goodies and groceries. A year of fairs, festivals , and a weekly pop-up at the Good Souls Bakery followed and now Vool has become a major part of Annastasia’s (and Colchester’s) life!

Check out some of these photos showing the gorgeous groceries being sold by Vool.

Vool is on Colchester Market every Friday, there is an online shop offering worldwide delivery, and the Shop-in-a-Suitcase makes a regular appearance at Colchester Vegan Drinks.

This is some real frontline grassroots vegan stuff going on here. Annastasia is getting vegan groceries into her community by any means necessary and helping people go and stay vegan. She actually carries vegan groceries around in a suitcase!

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