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The chain’s locations on Bathurst St and at the Sheppard Centre now offer vegans and omnivores alike the chance to eat plant based at nearly any hour.

The Montreal-based chain, which is now the largest plant-based restaurant chain in the world, has announced that two of their key Toronto locations are now open past midnight seven days a week. Their Bathurst and Sheppard Centre stores will now feature their full menus well past the time any other healthy or plant-based restaurants have closed for the evening. This will allow anyone out for the evening in the city or night shift workers to enjoy the benefits of delicious, plant-based meals at an hour when previously the best they could do would be burgers and fries.

Copper Branch’s location at 410 Bathurst St is open until 2am seven days a week and their restaurant at the Sheppard Centre is open Thursday through Saturday until 2am and Sunday through Wednesday until 1am.

“Customer response to these two locations staying open late has been incredible,” says Copper Branch Global Director of Marketing, Andrew Infantino. “Our customers love that they can replicate their late night favorites such as burgers, Buffalo wings, nachos, and even poutine in an all-natural, healthy version when they’re out late in the city.”

With over 60 restaurants worldwide, what sets Copper Branch apart from other quick service plant-based restaurants is its commitment to both familiar fare as well as unique global recipes that diners can only get at Copper Branch. The chain features an all-day breakfast and an all-encompassing menu that includes power bowls, burgers and sandwiches, soups and chili, and power smoothies. The entire menu is whole food plant-based, with many non-GMO, organic, specialty and naturally gluten-free foods.

Though the entire Copper Branch menu is vegan, the company has found that the vast majority of its customers are not strict vegans, but rather omnivores who want to replicate the delicious foods they currently enjoy but in a healthier, more ethical and sustainable way. “This is food I’m proud to have my children eat” adds CEO Rio Infantino. “Now our customers can do so at any hour, which is exciting for the industry and for the company.”

Copper Branch is considering adopting the late night strategy at more locations.


Started in 2014 and headquartered in Montreal, Copper Branch is a privately held company and holds the distinction of being the largest and fastest growing plant-based fast casual chain in the world. The company’s mission is to Empower, Energize and make people feel their Best; providing a convenient, plant-based dining experience without sacrificing taste, quality or satisfaction. The reasonably priced, 100% plant-based menu items are never fried and consist of mainly organic and non-GMO ingredients. For locations, menus and other details, visit the website.

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