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You have probably seen the videos and headlines doing the rounds about the ‘protesters’ showing up outside vegan events and restaurants to eat raw meat.

They most infamously targeted VegfestUK Brighton by trying to distress attendees at the entrance. Their whole routine is to chew on dead animals in order to upset vegans. Their actions are grotesque but weirdly counterproductive as many non-vegans are equally repulsed and therefore engaged in thinking about animal cruelty.

Essential Vegan Cafe in Shoreditch, London was recently targeted by these anti-vegan trolls so I’ve created a Facebook event in order to unite the vegan community in an act of support for the business.


These trolls have been attempting to disrupt vegan businesses by chewing on raw animal carcasses and saying provocative statements about vegans being unhealthy and mentally ill.

During April 2019, these antagonists entered the Essential Vegan Café in Shoreditch. Some of them were carrying and chewing on animal bodies. If you wish to see the full video filmed and shared by the anti-vegan trolls, you can visit YouTube. It is graphic.

Following on from the invasion of the café, the trolls and their supporters waged a campaign of intimidation and slander against the café including leaving fake negative reviews online and prank calling the premises.

This is our chance to fight back against these absurd and harmful attacks. We are pledging to come together as a community of kind people in order to help Essential Vegan Café thrive and prosper in the aftermath of this attack on their business.

By RSVPing to this Facebook event, you are promising to visit and eat with Essential Vegan Café at least once before the end of August 2019.

By working together as a collective, we are ensuring the financial security of this unique and special vegan business. We will redress any damage done by these trolls. We will make the café an even stronger and beloved space than it already is.

RSVP now to pledge to visit Essential Vegan. Use the ‘invite’ function to tell all your friends to join the fight. Share the Facebook event far and wide. If you don’t use Facebook, share this blog post and visit the café anyway.

And be sure to post all your gorgeous food photos in the Facebook event when you do visit!

You can follow Essential Vegan online at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Written by fatgayvegan

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