London has a vegan chocolate shop

Copperhouse Chocolate has launched as a vegan chocolate shop and cafe this April!

For the past decade, hot-chocolatier and founder Juliet has hand crafted award-winning chocolate drinks and treats to excite chocolate lovers from all over the world.

As a vegan of 20 years, Juliet has tried to make sure these have generally been plant-based.

With the changes in the London vegan scene in the last couple of years and greater understanding of plant-based diets, the time has come to stop compromising by offering drinks with dairy – the new brand is entirely vegan!

The chocolate shop and cafe is centred around a unique collection of hot chocolates. Single-origin hot chocolates from Colombia, Madagascar and Ecuador have their own distinct tastes. For the range of flavoured hot chocolates, fruits and spices are combined to create flavours including Chilli con choccy, Raspberry Dream, Mintchievous. The award-winning recipes are made with only the finest ingredients, which have been carefully selected for their optimum quality, unique sweetness, and traceability to support social consciousness.

The hot chocolates and nut cups are all made onsite, with a window to the production kitchen offering an exclusive glimpse of the vast pools of melting chocolate being prepared. These are also sold in independent coffee shops around the UK – café owners and retail curators rely on us to ensure that their chocolate tastes as good as the coffee served in their shops.

To accompany the drinks, cakes are all made in house. All with a chocolate twist, banana bread with cocoa nibs can also be upgraded with yoghurt, fruit and chocolate sauce for brunch. Chocolate coconut tart is made with a raw almond base and filled with ganache while chunky cookies are free on Friday afternoons during chocolate happy hour.

The chocolate-inspired brunch menu includes savoury cornbread waffles topped with Mexican- style black bean chilli in mole sauce, healthy chocolate avocado smoothie bowls and indulgent orange-zest Jaffa pancakes drizzled with marmalade-maple syrup and chocolate sauce. Waffles can be customised with choice of toppings – choose to make it a dessert with ice cream and caramel sauce, or breakfast topped with fruit and nuts, all with added chocolate sauce.

Alongisde the retail packets of hot chocolate and chocolates made onsite, the shop area features a carefully curated lineup of bean-to-bar products by expert chocolate makers including Marou, Duffy’s and vegan white chocolate bars from Solkiki.

Located just moments away from Angel tube station, Copperhouse Chocolate promises a welcoming cosy space to relax with a comforting cup of proper hot chocolate, and offers a home for community groups, meetups, and gatherings to connect in London.

You can follow Copperhouse on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

See the exact location of Copperhouse Chocolate thanks to Google Maps.

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