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If I tallied up the requests received through my blog and social media over the years, one of the top ten topics asked by readers would have to be vegan Yorkshire puddings and where to get them.

If you are not from the UK and are currently having a WTF moment, Yorkshire puddings are savoury pastries that are served with traditional roast Sunday or festive dinners.

Yorkshire puddings are used to soak up the excess gravy and they are delicious.

Sadly, all store bought Yorkshire puddings I’ve ever seen are non-vegan and we have all been struggling to make our own with varying degrees of success.

But now there is a light at the end of this tunnel that has been barren of vegan Yorkshire puddings.

Mabel’s Vegan Yorkshire Puddings is here to save the day.

Mabel’s offer classic AND gluten-free versions, and all of their Yorkies are palm-oil free. In better news, the packaging is compostable plastic and they also use eco-flo biodegradable filler for shipping.

Mabel’s Vegan Yorkshire Puddings are based in Manchester and ship UK-wide. Shop online now here.

I’ve seen size comparison photos on their social media and the Mabel’s Yorkies are HUGE!

You can follow Mabel’s on Facebook and Instagram.

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