Go Gutless with Freedom Brewery

Not all beers are created equal.

If you have made the choice to live a vegan life, you would have made some changes to how you eat. You will also be exploring personal care products that are animal free and household cleaning products not tested on animals.

But have you considered how your beer choice can be more compassionate?

Freedom Brewery has been brewing vegan-friendly beers since 1995 and is now enjoying fantastic success as more and more consumers realise they can enjoying a drink without harming fish!

Yep, all Freedom beers are certified vegan.

How do they do this you may ask?

Well, believe it or not, a lot of beers are filtered through isinglass, which is made from ‘fish guts’. At Freedom they don’t do this, instead using a mechanical process which employs a natural filtration process to ensure they still achieve ‘bright’ beer.

This is particularly important for the brewery as they do not pasteurise, but rather naturally carbonate, during the brewing process (they let their beer mature for longer – up to 6 weeks vs. 10 days for some other brewers). Not using isinglass (taken from fish bladders) to filter their beer is just the tip of the iceberg!

Freedom Brewery is very close to my heart and I’m grateful for them being one of the most visible vegan-friendly beer brands of the past decade.

Did you know that Freedom gifted us with cases of beer to enjoy at the first ever London Vegan Potluck? Or you must have been one of the countless people to order a pint of Freedom at tibits restaurant over the years, especially when it was the home of London Vegan Drinks.

Photo credit: Jade Nina Sarkhel

2019 finds Freedom Brewery doing all it can throughout January to inspire people to #GoGutless with their beer enjoyment.

They currently have a Veganuary 20% off promotion live across the full range. Yes, 20% off vegan beer! To claim, customers need to enter the code: VEGANUARY when they reach the checkout.

Click here to browse the entire range and buy vegan beer at a discount.

Competition time

Freedom Brewery has kindly made five gift packs available and you might just win one of them!

Each gift pack comes with three beers and a branded Freedom Brewery pint glass. If you win, the brewery will ship it directly to you.

How do you enter

Freedom is all about going gutless and saving our fish friends, so you can enter the FGV/Freedom giveaway by posting your favourite fish joke on Twitter.

That’s correct. We want fish-friendly jokes. Example joke: What do you call a fish that needs helps with its vocals? AutoTuna.

Rules (they are very loose)

  • There is no limit to how many fish jokes you can enter (one joke per tweet)
  • Each entry tweet must include the hashtags #GoGutless and #FreedomBrewery
  • Jokes referring to fishing or fish being harmed/eaten are instantly disqualified
  • You have until midnight UK time on January 31, 2019 to enter
  • Five winners will be picked and winners must be prepared to supply their contact details to Freedom in order to receive their prize
  • The decision is final and there will be no drama or arguing that your joke was better… it’s just a bit of fun!
  • It goes without saying but I suppose I should say it for legal reasons… you can only enter this competition if you are of legal drinking age in the UK
  • Prizes can only be delivered to mainland UK addresses
  • Jokes combining beer AND fish are extremely encouraged

Freedom beers are available at the following:

You can follow Freedom on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Be sure to tag them with #GoGutless and #FreedomBrewery when you are drinking their beers. The brewery staff love to share your photos!

Extra note: this is a sponsored post. 10% of the fee paid to FGV is donated to Mexico City water security initiative Isla Urbana.

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