Game changers at Temple of Seitan

Super brief blog post to tell you about TWO very solid reasons why you should visit Temple of Seitan during November.

Reason the first is all about their special of the month. Take a look at this burger.

Vegan egg yolk, anyone?

Temple are magicians when it comes to food and this Brekky Burger is next level conjuring. You can buy it at both Temple of Seitan locations (Hackney and Camden) as well as the FGV section of Venn Street Market each Saturday.

News the second?

Temple is now stocking limited quantities of the best vegan donuts in the UK. Originating from Chester, the filled donuts by The Vegan Food Pod are the best you can buy and it is fabulous that they now have a permanent London home.

You can also find The Vegan Food Pod at the FGV section of Venn Street Market every Saturday.

Yay for tasty food!

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