Sad times for vegan Sheffield

Oh no!

Here is some sad news for vegan junk food lovers in Sheffield.

The Burger Garden (formerly known as BurgerLOLZ) has announced on social media that their restaurant is closing forever.

This place has become somewhat of an institution in Sheffield and the city is going to miss it greatly. Loaded fries. Stacked burgers. Freakshakes. Fish and chips.

The Burger Garden has been a pioneer in the Steel City

You still have until September 2, 2018 to savour the delights of this junk food paradise.

Click here to see the exact location of the restaurant and follow The Burger Garden on Instagram.

If you are in Sheffield on August 18, 2018 you might consider coming along to the 2nd annual Sheffield Vegan Beer Fest. Tickets and info online here.

Massive love to the team behind this gem and I truly hope they bounce back with more tasty contributions to vegan Sheffield soon.

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