A vegan BBQ at Argos

Now this is just hilarious.

Argos is a catalogue retailer specialising in home furniture (amongst other items). It is famous in the UK for its giant catalogue containing an overwhelming amount of products including garden furniture, toys, stationery, home decorating needs, and so much more.

The retail outlet has caused a storm this week by selling a vegan BBQ. Check it out below:

Yes, it is a cheap metal BBQ. No different to any other BBQ you will see for sale in home stores and sporting outlets.

But some genius at Argos came up with the idea of putting the ‘v’ word in the product in order to cash in on the hype surrounding veganism. This is the most hilarious and shameless marketing I have seen in a very long time.

Of course the absurdity is that vegans can buy any of the 75 or so BBQs listed on the Argos site, but the retailer is maybe trying to trigger an emotional response from plant eaters and trick them into buying this model.

And I think it is working.

As I hovered my cursor over the product, a small pop up warning box told me more than 100 of these items had been ordered over the past 48 hours.

If for some strange reason you feel the need to possess this vegan BBQ, you can order it online here.

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  1. I think it’s a smaller BBQ so if you’re a meat eater and catering for vegans you can have a separate one so you don’t get cross contamination

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