Big vegan shake up in Sheffield

Sheffield. Get ready for a big change.

Superstar vegan eatery Make No Bones is closing this Saturday June 16, 2018 in order to move to their new location with a grand re-opening in early July.

Dave from Make No Bones told me:

We’re really excited about the new venue but we’re a bit sad to be leaving our little yellow cafe. MNB has been going for nearly 5 years now with 2 of them in our current place. We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who has eaten with us and supported us all along the road. The new venue is a lot bigger and we have designed a lot bigger menu to go with it. The place looks amazing and will have a great selection of vegan beers, cocktails and soft drinks as well as our food. Last day at this place is Saturday and the new one opens early July.

Congratulations to Dave, Lauren, and the entire MNB team for what they have done for vegan food in Sheffield.

They are most definitely entrenched on the list of best vegan food providers in the UK. Everything they create is sensational and I can’t wait to see what they conjure up in their brand new location. I’m hoping to share some sneak preview photos from inside the new place soon, so stay tuned.

Don’t forget that Make No Bones will also be involved with the 2nd annual Sheffield Vegan Beer Fest this August. You can buy cheap early bird tickets online now.

Be sure to follow Make No Bones on Instagram.

I’m finishing off this post with some glorious food photos. Get into Make No Bones this week for these specials before they close for the relocation.

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