Vegan Beer Fest shirts

Now this is exciting!

Vegan Beer Fest UK events are coming up soon with dates in London, Coventry, Glasgow and Sheffield across the summer.

Each year we make a t-shirt for punters to buy on the day but in 2018 we have switched things up a bit.

You can now buy a unique t-shirt for each of the cities and you can only buy them online!

Each city has a white text on black as well as a black text on white variety from which to choose.

Even if you can’t make it along to a date, your purchase will help us put these events on and pay our official designer some extra income.

We are partnering with TeeMill to bring ethically responsible shirts to you this year. Each year we were left with many unsold shirts so allowing each customer to order exactly what they want will help us cut down on waste, as well as keeping our production, storage and transportation costs down.

Click here to see all the designs now and ORDER!

Keep looking for more merchandise coming soon.

Order your Vegan Beer Fest UK tickets online now.

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  1. I will be in the USA this year and you’re not doing a Manchester date 😮 I’m so flattered 😉 lol jokes ha ha
    Tshirts are awesome, I’ll order a London one and wear it in New London CT and confuse everyone ahahaha

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