Vegan eatery in Mexico City

Mexico City is my home for at least half of each year, so I’m thrilled that it is also one of the vegan capitals of the planet.

The latest addition to the huge number of vegan eateries is the bricks and mortar restaurant of famed vegan street food trader Pan D’Monium.

Pan D’Monium has built a loyal customer following with their super cute street stall on Orizaba in Colonia Roma.

The women-owned and run business has now expanded with a permanent location, taking over a restaurant space on busy Chilpancingo. They are keeping everyone happy with pizza, burgers, hot dogs, shakes, and more.

I dropped by a few days ago to congratulate them on their new endeavour and of course to eat and drink.

Follow Pan D’Monium on Instagram and see the photos below.

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