Build a vegan chocolate factory

Here is your chance to feel like Willy Wonka.

So Sweet Couture Chocolate is a manufacturer of gorgeous vegan chocolate and they need help to take the next step in their growth by opening a chocolate factory.

The company already has premises in Pembrokeshire, Wales and now needs the help of the vegan community to get everything ready to roll.

So Sweet Couture Chocolate isn’t just asking for your money, they also have a great line up of chocolate rewards for those willing and able to help fund their factory expansion.

Check out these rewards:

  • £15 gets you 3 of their best selling chocolate bars
  • £25 gets you 3 of the TOP SECRET new flavour chocolate bar
  • £35 gets you a chocolate tool kit (because they are building!)
  • £50 gets you a chocolate lover’s hamper
  • £100 gets your name on the factory wall PLUS a special chocolate delivery
  • £250 gets you a chocolate making experience in the factory for two people

The family owned company needs your support with the following:

  • New Doors (the old ones leak)
  • Stainless steel tables
  • New commercial equipment (they even need the kitchen sink)
  • New materials to furnish their on site shop
  • New packaging and chocolate moulds

Buying some of their delicious treats by way of donation is going to help So Sweet Couture Chocolate realise their dreams while staying away from a pesky bank loan.

Click here to donate now and claim your reward!

You can also follow So Sweet on Instagram.

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