Vegan cafe and bar in Birmingham

Do you know about Natural Bar and Kitchen in Birmingham, UK?

This fully vegan cafe and restaurant is also the only vegan bar in Birmingham! They serve vegan wine, beer, prosecco and soon gin and cocktails, too!

I love the sound of this place!

It gets even more fab when you discover Natural Bar and Kitchen is also hosting live music events.

Get along in April 2018 to experience the new menu which will run alongside the usual buffet style (pay by weight) food that they offer.

Not impressed yet?

Natural Bar and Kitchen also serves up:

  • Brunch on Saturday and Sunday 9:00am – 11:30am
  • Tofu fish and chip Fridays
  • A jazzisundays event starting on 15th April
  • Blues, Booze and Burger nights

You need to follow Natural Bar and Kitchen on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Now, some photos.

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