Vegan food in Gdańsk Poland

Guest post from my amazing friend, Mirel.

I had heard the vegan food in Poland was amazing so when I found a particularly irresistible deal on flights, I gathered up some loved ones and headed to the port town of Gdansk.

We only had limited time during our visit but after narrowing the restaurant choice down to one winner, we headed off to Vegan Pizza Port. The whole menu looked amazing.

It was incredible! Between us, we had the seitan chops served with mash, two absolutely giant portions of lasagne and two different pizzas.

None of us could stop raving about the food. We could see pizza dough being expertly hand thrown in the open kitchen and whicheve cheese they were using was one of the best we’ve ever tasted.

The restaurant itself is lovely; warm and cosy but bright and welcoming too. The staff were really attentive and able to answer any questions we had. It’s well worth visiting Gdansk just to dine at this total gem of a place.

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  1. What i would also like to add to this is that last summer i took my wife and three children for a week to the coast near Gdansk (just east of Sopot) and we discovered several vegan restaurant chains – Avacado, Green Way and Woda Wrze. We were self-catering and although the language barrier (in terms of reading labels) was fairly challenging we found a Tesco, a Subway and polish supermarket Le Clerc. Great stuff. Coupled with the beautiful white sandy beaches and the surprisingly warm Baltic Sea it was an incredibly healthy holiday. We walked everywhere and you can hire bikes to cycle along the pine tree lined coastline. Would highly recommend (oh yes, and the cheap flights).

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