UK vegan food businesses head to LA

The HUGE Eat Drink Vegan beer, food and wine event that takes place in Los Angeles each year is simply legendary.

What started in a parking lot in West Hollywood as the Los Angeles Vegan Beer and Food Festival (the inspiration for our little old beer events in the UK, BTW) is now a super-sized mega event held at the Rose Bowl once a year.

If you ever have the chance to get along to this event, it is mind blowing and you should do it. It is taking place on May 26 in 2018 so you still have time to plan your trip.

For extra incentive, the food line up this year (which usually runs to about 100 food businesses!) includes some of our favourite UK traders as well.

Included in the line up:

I’m super thrilled to see these businesses invited to trade at what is surely the most fabulous and respected vegan event on the planet.

All of these people above have worked relentlessly to promote veganism and have shown deep kindness, commitment and love for our vegan community in the UK.

They deserve their place in the sun.

Click here to get all the info on Eat Drink Vegan and follow the event on Instagram.

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