A better vegan airline meal

Here is a quick post to share info that I meant to share about a month ago.

Apologies for the slow posting.

I do have some reasons for being slack, but the most convincing is that I not only moved from London to Mexico City but I also just moved into a new apartment in Mexico City. I have been running around trying to get my living situation sorted.

But enough about me looking for sympathy.

On my way to Mexico City, British Airways served me one of the most satisfying vegan meals I’ve ever had in the air.

Check it out.

I know it might not seem that impressive for regular eating, but as far as in-flight meals go it was superb.

Josh and I both marvelled at how tasty the dish was and it is definitely the most planned and considered meal I’ve had on an airplane. Flavoursome and packed with tofu and vegetables. I’d eat it everyday.

Good stuff!

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