Vegan eatery coming to Doncaster


Yes, Doncaster.

If you are unfamiliar with this northern town, Doncaster is situated in Yorkshire just about an hour south of Leeds.

I’ve been to Doncaster a few times in my life and I never remember anything close to a vegan restaurant existing in the town. In fact, I would not have named Doncaster if you asked me to list unlikely locations that would soon have a vegan eatery.

So, I am thoroughly delighted and pleasantly shocked to hear about the soon to launch The Greenhouse Eatery.

The Greenhouse Eatery has been sharing food teasers for a few weeks ahead of their highly anticipated launch night on Valentine’s Day.

The set menu launch dinner taking place on this loved up day has actually sold out for the later sitting, but if you HURRY you can book some spots for the 6:30pm meal. Click here to see this special menu on Facebook.

Before I share some of the glorious food photos from this new vegan eatery, please take a moment to follow The Greenhouse on Instagram and Facebook.

You can see the exact location of The Greenhouse Eatery thanks to Google Maps.

Now, here’s that food.

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  1. Hm … you did blog about this place in Doncaster in 2015 (I only remembered it because of the ‘related’ reference under the post that led me to it) …

    … but it closed in 2016:

    So it looks as if some stirrings were there–are the people behind the new restaurant perhaps related to those that ran the café back then?

    The new place sounds amazing, of course. Here’s to much success.

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