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I have been asked a lot about my time working with Besos Food & Drinks, the UK company selling the drink Besos de Oro, so I would like to take this opportunity to clarify the situation.

I worked with this company for three months during 2016 and was never paid for the work I carried out.

When I first raised my concerns of the non-payment, Peter Smith of Besos Food & Drink communicated with me that he was more than happy with the work I did for his company and that he was sorry for late payment.

Even though he told me he would pay and admitted via email that he owed me £1500, he never attempted to make payment and that was the last I heard from him until I saw him in court.

I took my case to Small Claims Court and stuck with the process for over a year.

Last month at a hearing in London, the judge unequivocally found in my favour and ordered Peter Smith and Besos Food & Drink to pay me all money owed plus interest and court fees.

The amount now owing is £1800.

The court order generated from this decision carried a due date of December 15, 2017.

Peter Smith and Besos Food & Drinks failed to make the court order payment by this date.

Even though it will cost me more money in court filing fees, I will now take the next step of seeking money owed by implementing bailiffs who will enforce payment of outstanding monies owed.

All of this information is public knowledge and transcripts of the court proceedings can be sourced.


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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. That’s terrible! Hope you get your money mate. It’s the last they’ll get from me.

  2. I’m sorry to hear this. We expect such practice from unethical companies not vegan ones. Anyone in the vegan world knows even a post from you leads to increased sales just because of the amount of followers you have who trust you. They’ve clearly benefited from this. I can’t afford their prices anyway so I wouldn’t be buying from them anyway, but even if I could I would not be supporting them now. I hope they do the right thing. With interest.

  3. Wish I had known this before ordering from them in November (still waiting for the order too!) Hope it gets resolved very soon

  4. I am so pleased that you got the money owed. But i won’t buy from them again, the trust is gone.

  5. Knowing Peter Smith, this doesn’t surprise me at all. Scrotum of a man.

    • Have you had trouble from him too?

  6. They owe my husband and me lots of money.. They are crooks and con men through and through. Theu owe Vegan Life magazine
    thousands too.

  7. Oh and they are not even vegan (the owners and manager). Despite telling everyone they are to gain sales. Corrupt people.

  8. Sounds like things haven’t changed with this company. There’s a number of people who ordered products last year (2018) that still have not received products or had their money back as promises, myself included.
    I would never do this usually but I would encourage people not to buy from this company as you cannot guarantee you will receive anything and then you will spend months trying to get your money back. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and I’m now paying for it. Wish I’d seen this earlier.

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