Family vegan treats business

Just a quick post to share news of a family-run vegan baked goods and chocolate business that will deliver to your home or workplace.

Fliss’s Fancy is not just a online shop where you can order tasty delights, it is also a way for owner Emma to have a meaningful way to remember her daughter who passed away.

Let’s hear from Emma:

I set up my business in September after making a few treats for my husband’s uncle who is a vegan. I was dairy free at the time. After losing my daughter, I didn’t want to put any animals or humans through what I went through. After learning more and more about the industry, I am now vegan myself and feel so much better for it.

I set my business up in memory of my daughter Felicity. I’ve sold at the West Midlands Vegan Festival and I’m looking into appearing at a few more events next year. I sell mostly online and have enjoyed amazing feedback from people who are shocked that they taste the ‘same’ if not better than dairy versions.

I was donating my money I got from the business to our Just Giving page as we had been in the media because of what happened to our daughter (hospital negligence). We’ve now raised that money so I will now be looking at sending a percentage of money I make to charities. This week I’ve donated to the Lullaby Trust.

You can order Emma’s treat at her online shop and follow her business on Instagram.

Before you head off to another part of the Internet, let’s look at some photos of her food.

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