New vegan pie for Wagamama

Wagamama UK is a company known to vegans for having a great selection of vegan options.

A post I did a short while ago about a new seitan katsu curry almost broke the vegan Internet and the chain shows no sign of slowing down with their plant-based menu items.

I was visiting one of the Soho locations of Wagamama today when I stumbled across a staff tasting session involving new vegan desserts. Of course I wasted no time in introducing myself and was quickly invited to try the vegan pies.

Check them out below.

There is a chocolate pecan pie and a passionfruit chocolate tart set to be launched in January.

Both of these tarts were absolutely divine and I can’t wait to see them roll out across the UK in 2018. I know that sounds a long way into the future, but these desserts are so fabulous that it will be well worth the wait.

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