Veganism and mental health

Here is some news from my buddy, Ryan Patey, about the new issue of his incredible magazine T.O.F.U.:

Following the path set by T.O.F.U. #11, which focused on veganism, chronic illness, and failing health, the twelfth issue of T.O.F.U. tackles the topic of veganism and mental health. From discussions of anxiety, depression, and addiction to an interview with Emily von Euw of This Rawsome Vegan Life that covers such things as gender, the stigma around mental health, and more, the issue continues to highlight the stories of those who know that veganism doesn’t cure everything.

Even before its release, people were excited for the magazine to be focusing on such a crucial topic, which is too often overlooked or simplified by the vegan and animal rights community in its messages and actions. Now, just days after it was made public, the issue seems to be striking a chord with people around the world.

“This issue, coupled with the last one, was created to support those who feel alienated by a community they very much deserve to be a part of,” explains T.O.F.U.’s Editor, Ryan Patey. “Whether it’s through (wrongly) dismissing people’s issues as the result of too much processed food or having events and social activities refuse to acknowledge the needs of those with such things as anxiety or PTSD, the fact is that a movement fighting to end the oppression of animals is oppressing others in turn and it needs to stop.”

Luckily, thanks to the willingness of over a dozen vegans to share their personal stories, the latest issue of T.O.F.U. will hopefully play its part in changing not only the conversation within the community, but also the attitudes.

Click here to access this latest issue. The concept is pay what you can/feel like with the suggest price being $5.

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