Best vegan bakery?

Did you know that the best vegan eatery in the UK (V Rev Diner) has an in house bakery that is one of the best vegan bakeries on the planet?

The stunning line up of sweet treats being churned out by the Tender Vegan Bakery team is almost unbearable to follow on their Instagram account. It’s too good.

It’s as though they have taken the concept of decadent vegan cakes and catapulted it into the heavens.

Please check out some of these choice photos.

Where else are you seeing this sort of outrageous offering?

Follow Tender Vegan Bakery on Instagram and get into V Rev for gorgeous food, both savoury and sweet.

Click here to see the location of V Rev thanks to Google Maps.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Do you know what happened to the Big Fat Vegan Bakery that was at VegFest in Bristol in 2014 or 2015? I’ve never seen them since, they don’t have a website, and all references to them that I could find on the internet are 2015 or earlier. They made a huge range of vegan patisserie such as chocolate eclairs, cream horns, etc. It was mindblowing, I have never had anything vegan like it before or since – they could turnover millions of pounds a year if they sold their goods around the country. What happened to them?

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