Animals the focus in Netflix drama

Check out this interesting trailer below for a brand new Netflix movie.

As you can gather from the highlighted scenes in the trailer, Okja tells the story of a young person befriending an animal that has been created to bring cheap meat to the masses with a lower carbon footprint.

The story arc follows the animal’s human companion as she teams up with some sort of animal liberation gang to liberate the giant pig-like animal from an evil multinational company looking to farm the creature for profit.

It all looks a bit off beat and quirky, but hopefully the content will get a lot of people thinking about how and why we exploit animals on the grand scale we do in 2017.

Let me know if you have watched Okja and how you rate it.

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  1. I’m defo going to watch this with my almost 12 year old grandaughter, even though there is swearing.

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