Vegan cider from Kent

I love bringing you news of vegan booze and I especially love bringing you news of vegan cider.

Why do us vegans adore cider so much?

Kent Cider products are split into three ranges and include the core range of single varietal still ciders, their Henderson’s range of naturally flavoured ciders and the forthcoming sparkling cider called Yowler.

You can hassle your local independent retail outlets, restaurants and micro-pubs to stock Kent Ciders. The majority of the cider they produce and sell is delivered by the company directly, so the best way for people who live outside of Kent to try their cider is through the webshop or contacting them directly in the office. They are extremely friendly people!

Visit Kent Cider online and follow them on Facebook and Twitter for special edition cider updates and news of events/appearances.

Yay for vegan cider!

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