Vegan revolution in Sudbury

Need some anecdotal evidence that veganism is on an unstoppable roll in the UK?

The English market town of Sudbury, Suffolk now has two 100% vegan eateries. Yes. Two vegan food outlets in a regional town with a population hovering around the 20,000 mark.


First up is Cradle. This restaurant is a social enterprise which ploughs profits back into community-minded projects such as food waste solutions and local gardens.

Take a trip to the Cradle Facebook page and scroll through some of the cuisine photos. It all looks delicious, creative and rather fancy. You can also visit their website.

Next up we have Kind Cuisine, a more relaxed looking café serving soups, salads, cakes and drinks.

Owners Linda and Mark are on a mission to show locals how to eat plant-based foods in order to protect animals and the planet.

You should follow Kind Cuisine on Facebook and Twitter.

If Sudbury can do it, so can your town.

Get active and start vegan food opportunities, especially businesses that fold back into the community. And if you can’t start your own business, make the effort to support the businesses that do spring up when you have the means.

If you don’t live in Sudbury but have the means to visit for a few days, put some cash into the economy by dining with these two vegan establishments. If you can’t make it along, consider a kind word of support on their social media pages to let them know their commitment to veganism and their local community is appreciated.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. I wish I lived closer to go and check it out. Looks awesome 🙂

  2. Today I had lunch in one and dessert in the other one. Next time I’ll reverse the process. Well worth a trip to Sudbury to visit either of these two lovely eateries.

  3. I finally managed to get to Cradle a few months ago, and it was excellent. I’ll go again for sure. Sadly, Kind Cuisine has moved on from Sudbury. I don’t know where they are now.

    I really like the posts about vegan businesses in small towns, by the way.

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