Vegan in Aberdeen

Two things I would like you to consider.

  1. £1 or £2 is not a lot of money. You can spare a few quid right this very moment, most likely.
  2. We have the collective power to help bring independent, community-focussed vegan businesses to life if we work together.


I would like to ask a favour of each and every person who reads this post. Please click here right now to donate whatever you can to the Bonobo Kickstarter campaign. The team behind Bonobo are opening the ONLY vegan cafe in Aberdeen, Scotland. It’s a big deal.

Bonobo has been running as a series of pop up events for one year, but now the founding group has decided to transform their business into a cooperatively owned and operated vegan cafe that will also function as a community hub for gigs, meetings and events.

To help with first month rental, kitchen equipment and other associated costs, Bonobo needs to raise £12,000.

They have already raised just over £3,500.

It is crucial that we put our money where our mouths are and support endeavours like Bonobo. This cafe is allowing six people to be employed in vegan work within their community, on their own terms and with so much scope to benefit local people.

Throw some money in the pot. Can you spare £1. Most people I know can afford £1. If you have more money at your disposal, put £5 or £10 forward to help strengthen opportunities for vegans in Aberdeen.

C’mon. Let’s get them financed and fighting fit. Donate now and spread this link.

You can also follow Bonobo on Facebook.

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