Waffle sandwich delight

Boring sandwiches are redundant.

Waffle sandwiches are the future!

My buddy Ricardo and I visited one of the best vegan eateries in Mexico City earlier today, Vegamo. This place is packed solid with delicious dishes and cool drinks. I just can’t get enough of it and the owner are the friendliest people you could hope to meet.

Today I decided to not do my usual trick of playing it safe. I have a habit of always getting the same thing, but I pushed myself to take a leap.

And I am beyond glad I did. Please pay due respect to these AMAZING waffle sandwiches that Ricardo and I scoffed down.

Amazing #vegan waffle sandwich at @vegamomx in Mexico City. Superb! #cdmx

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Yep. They tasted as fab as they look.

I know most of my readers aren’t heading to Mexico City anytime soon, but I wanted to share in the hope of spreading waffle sandwich hysteria far and wide. I wanna see homemade waffle sandwiches flooding social media.

Extra note: my sandwich was called Yoda and the waffle dough was coloured/flavoured with spinach. Divine. Ricardo went for the Chewbacca.

Extra extra note: Ricardo is the extremely talented designer of the Vegan Beer Fest UK posters/logos for last year and he is set to once again design them all in 2017. Yay for talent!

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