Vegan and half vegan

OK. This is taking ‘meat reducer’ too literally.

A new UK food company is pushing what appears to be vegan meat replacements as well as products that are half meat and half vegetable protein.


I’m always keen to promote new vegan meats, but Hooba Foods seem to be chasing a bizarre niche market that I’m not sure even exists.

The list of their vegan products include mince, meatballs and burgers. From the look of the info on the website, the main ingredient is mushroom. You can see the entire vegan-suitable range online here.

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So that is the vegan range out of the way.

Now, about this 50/50 range.

Hooba market their 50/50 range as being ‘all the taste but half the meat’. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know anybody who eats meat who would knowingly eat a burger or sausage made with 50% meat.

I find this a very unusual product. Are there meat eaters out there that could be swayed with these half and half products? Would they work as a transitioning tool in order to help get people to stop eating animals completely?

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Will you be recommending the 50/50 products to omnivores in your life? Will you try the vegan products by Hooba?

Extra note: Thanks to reader Stephanie for bringing this brand to my attention.

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  1. Meat based sausages and burgers have been like this since the 1970s. Using bulking ingredients like rusk etc to cut cost of production. The joke always was whether there was actually any meat in cheap sausages and burgers. I for one will not be buying any of this company’s offerings. Seems like they are suggesting that this is a healthy alternative to “100%” meat versions. Which is not what us vegans are about.

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