Vegan afternoon tea for Valentine’s Day

There is a cute tearoom in Exeter called The Hidden Treasure Tea Room and the big news you need to know about is the Vintage Valentine’s Sharing Menu taking place on February 14, 2017 between 4pm and 9pm.

The Hidden Treasure Tea Room is not a vegan establishment but if I had a quid for every time a reader raved about their plant-based options, I’d be a retired blogger trying to realise his dreams of becoming a Mexican wrestler.

This Valentine vegan menu sounds superb and you can’t even think about complaining for the price of £45 per couple for 5 courses!

Check this out:

1) Setting the table – pea and mint spoons, olive and rosemary forks, blue “cheese” and grape knives and a tropical granita.

2) Three tasty morsels – tiny tomato soup with a desert island, Mediterranean stuffed pepper and crispy rocket.

3) Take a break – herb broth-in-a teapot with savoury popcorn.

4) Sticky fingers – three delicious dips with a selection of interesting things to dip and share.

5) Divine decadence – a selection of desserts and two spoons! Including sparkling Prosecco and elderflower jellies, melting chocolate pots, brown sugar custard hearts, mini fruit pavlovas and fizzy fruits.

You will need to book a spot for this incredible vegan meal. The Hidden Treasure will understandably be packed on the day.

Call 01392 274134 or email to reserve space.

You can also get more info on the Facebook event page.

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