Vegan fish and chip shop

Is this a UK first?

Word has just reached me of a vegan fish and chip shop being readied for a grand opening in the UK city of Bristol. Is this the first 100% vegan chip shop in the country?

There are very few details at the moment but Jason, one of the owners of the new venture, wanted me to pass on this information to anyone who was curious or had heard whispers:

I’m one half of a partnership that is starting Bristol’s first 100% vegan chip shop next month. We are taking over a Chinese take-away in the city and converting it to a vegan take-away. We will be serving regular things you get in a take-away like curry sauce, gravy, mushy peas, there will be pea fritters and battered sausages and tofish too. Most of the ingredients will be organic. I’ll let you know more soon as we are in the process of getting our marketing side together and working on the images and fonts. The chip shop will be called Matter Battered and we are working on the shop front this week.


Rest assured that I will bring you details, photos and links as soon as they are available.

Anyone excited?!

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Sounds great. We could do with something like this in West Sussex. BUT I don’t / wouldn’t eat soya or things like quorn.

  2. terrific..i hope the idea spreads to london and everywhere else

  3. brilliant idea, ill be coming your way for some tofish!!

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