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By now you all know that I am obsessed with Sgaia Mheats.

I have Instagrammed, I have blogged and I have eaten. Lots and lots. This Scotland-based company is churning out what is probably one of the finest ranges of vegan products on the planet.

Everything they do is world class.

Given my hysterical adoration for the brand, it’s no surprise that I am thrilled to give you some breaking info about a new product.

Sgaia now has Pastramheat. They describe it as peppery, smoky and aromatic.

I’m all in. For real.


If you are critical reader, you will have figured out that GreenBay Supermarket is currently stocking this new superstar product.

Actually, GreenBay is the ONLY place in the country selling the Pastramheat. They got an exclusive!

If you want a packet of this good stuff, you need to rush to the west London grocery store ASAP because I imagine it is going to fly off the shelves.

Follow GreenBay on Twitter and like Sgaia on Instagram.


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